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A Trusted Fixed Income Partner

Our vision is to be the trusted fixed income partner for investors worldwide.  We put our clients first by sharing our expertise, focusing on our strengths of developing and managing fixed income investment solutions, and seeking to deliver performance while managing risk.

An Established Investment Provider

FFTW has a  long-term track record as a fixed income asset management firm.  We are a significant provider of investment services to investors around the world.

How Can We Help You?

Why select us as your global institutional fixed income investment manager?  Because of our expertise across a number of fixed income asset classes, our focused objective of  identifying market inefficiencies to generate alpha and our commitment to building long-term relationships.


Specialization is the key to how we manage portfolios

We believe that investment decisions are best made by specialized and accountable professionals whose interests are aligned with those of their clients.  In our view, specialization leads to better informed, and ultimately, higher quality decisions.

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Our Products

We continually develop customized solutions

Since our inception in 1972, we have prided ourselves on our consultative approach with clients exploring different ways to customize our investment capabilities to meet their investment objectives.

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Our clients are key to our success

We strive to maintain long-term relationships built on understanding our clients’ risk appetite and investment goals in order to meet and exceed their expectations.

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