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Quarterly Commentary – Q4 2015: Different Year, Same Problems


The investment landscape of 2015 was filled with a number of unforseen shocks which resulted…

Absolute Return Fixed Income: What It Is, How It Works, and Who It Is For


Alex Johnson, Head of Absolute Return Multi-Sector Fixed Income, authored this white paper on how…

Agency MBS Performance in a Rising Rate Environment

In this piece, Katie Herr, Investment Specialist, explores how MBS can be expected to perform…

Q3 2015 Quarterly Commentary

A review of the third quarter of 2015 and the outlook for the final quarter…

Global Emerging Markets Small Caps: Benefits to going off the beaten path


Rick Wetmore, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Global Emerging Market (GEM) Equities, examines the current state…

The Innovative Nature of Small Caps


Join us as our investment team discusses:

  • Why small caps offer better diversification potential and

Rebuffing Myths about Currency Investing


Momtchil Pojarliev, PhD, Senior Portfolio Manager, Currencies summarizes the findings in his co-authored book “A…

What Ever Happened to GSE Reform?


Impediments to meaningfully changing the role of GSEs, and our expectations for reform and implications…

Currencies Webcast: Hedged or Unhedged, Active or Passive, or Something in Between?


The currency conundrum, our recommended approach, as well as our current outlook.
To watch this …

FFTW Analysis: June FOMC – A Flatter Projected Rate Path


Steven Friedman, Director, Central Banks & Official Institutions gives his view on the June FOMC…