Fischer Francis Trees & Watts, Inc. (FFTW) was founded in 1972 by Richard D. Fischer, Stephen C. Francis, James F. Trees and John H. Watts III in New York City.  The firm’s founders aimed to start a company that would specialize solely in the active management of fixed income portfolios for institutional investors, a business concept which was unique at that time.

Throughout the 1970s, FFTW focused on managing US and short-term fixed income accounts.  During the 1980s, our focus expanded to structured securities accounts and global fixed income.  In 1989, we opened an office in London to facilitate the management of multi-currency and global fixed income portfolios.   From 2000 to present, we have developed our inflation-linked strategies, established our dedicated currency capabilities and expanded our emerging market offerings.

FFTW became affiliated with BNP Paribas in 1999 and became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2006.

Our experience covers many market cycles.  We continue to develop solutions for our clients by combining this knowledge with our success in partnering with clients.