Blending qualitative analysis and quantitative models should yield superior results

We think the combination of judgmental and quantitative alpha strategies is more powerful and yields superior results.  By using both methods we are able to diversify returns, and therefore, improve the expected risk-adjusted return profile.

Specialized, accountable and incentivized managers make better decisions

We believe that accountability and transparency, expressed via individual risk budget allocations, results in better decision-making.  Also, providing market competitive compensation levels and in many cases directly linking compensation with individual performance helps to ensure superior-performing professionals are remunerated accordingly.

Management of risk ranks hand-in-hand with the search for alpha

The successful management of investment portfolios is highly dependent upon sophisticated risk management practices and the development and utilization of risk tools must always rank among the firm’s highest priorities.

Constant innovation keeps us ahead of the curve

Innovation is necessary for value creation.  Sustainable advancement requires continuous innovation as markets are constantly evolving.  Our investment strategies and processes will evolve over time in anticipation of these changes.